The Greatest School Promotional Video Ever?

The BBC posted this video with the caption ‘Is this the greatest school promotional video ever?’


There is no doubt that this is an engaging video, which presents the school in a fun way. It showcases the children and the breadth of what the school offers, while highlighting its passion and sense of community.

Judging by its comments section, it has a rapidly growing fan base, indeed as I write this blog, since being posted, it has been watched over 65,000 times on Vimeo and over 100,000 on the BBC North West Facebook page. Thanks to the BBC PR boost, it has clearly ‘gone viral’.

Evidently a glowing testament, and something for the school to be proud of, I certainly enjoyed watching it. I appreciated it’s professional and energetic production values, it’s sense of fun, and how it uses a pupil’s first day as an insightful way to take us on a school tour; although a little long.

It certainly appeals to the heart.

But my question would be – does it appeal to the mind as well?

In this regard I think they have missed a trick. Sorry!

Capturing Heart & Mind

And that trick is the strategic imperative. Could the school’s positioning and overall message have been clearer and more competitive? Does this video contain clear school branding and will we remember it’s name afterwards? It is clearly winning hearts, but is it winning minds? While we are engaged with it’s sense of fun, does it effectively demonstrate the school’s points of difference and values?

As the use of video in marketing for schools becomes more commonplace, so does the need to produce compelling content to win the hearts AND minds of current and potential parents.

When producing video content, you not only need a strong creative vehicle to capture your audience’ attention, but you also need to communicate your school’s brand positioning and core value proposition. Be clear what the school stands for in a clear, compelling and differentiated way that resonates with the audience.

Is this the greatest school promotional film ever? It could have been.

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