Is your message based on ‘product truth’?

I recently came across this letter and it got me thinking about the importance of basing your marketing &¬†communications strategy and messaging on the ‘product truth’. The letter was published last year on the Association of Independent Schools Admission Professionals website. It was written by Peter Gow, Executive Director of the Independent Curriculum Group and Read more about Is your message based on ‘product truth’?[…]

What can Marketeers learn from Jeremy Corbyn?

The Marketing Partners is definitely apolitical but as I have watched, as many others have in recent weeks, meteoric rise by Jeremy Corbyn from rebellious activist, seemingly confined to the backbenches for eternity, to Leader of the Labour Party, I have had one question: How on earth did he do that? The distance he has Read more about What can Marketeers learn from Jeremy Corbyn?[…]